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postheadericon 12 Hilarious Games with Blanket and Pillows


All the little kids love to play and have merry time with the parents, and hilarious games with blanket and pillows will give both you and your little ones lots of fun and laughs. Here are just a few ideas.


House   Construct a nest, a hole, a den, a hovel, a tepee, a house, a castle, a tent (do not forget to take a torch), a sailing ship, etc. and play games and role plays in these situations.


Hops   –  In a pillow: the child is between the pillowcase and the pillow. Dad is holding …» Continue Reading: 12 Hilarious Games with Blanket and Pillows

postheadericon Choking Baby: What to Do? Vitally Important Guide for Parents


What must parents do with the choking baby (under 1 year old and without loss of consciousness)? It’s a serious question worth asking, because when you have a little child you should be ready for different emergency situations. It’s not necessary to live in anxiety and constant anticipation of trouble. But it’s better to know how to behave if your little one, who is not yet one year old, suddenly will need first aid, especially if you are quite able to provide it.


Your actions when the baby chokes on an object


The symptoms are: the baby is suffocating and can’t scream, is emitting whistling sounds, is vainly trying to cough, …» Continue Reading: Choking Baby: What to Do? Vitally Important Guide for Parents

postheadericon Plush Toy is Mom’s Assistant


Baby’s favorite plush toy can easily help you, parents, understand what your little one is thinking about. Though the baby is very young, his inner world is too much rich and diverse. What valuable thoughts float in his valuable head? What really excites him? What worries him? How did the previous day impress him? It’s mom’s task to know the answers for sure. But how? If the kid can’t yet eloquently tell us about all his thoughts and feelings, let’s then ask his toy for help. This is the case when the favorite plush toy comes to life like in a fairy-tale and answers all the questions. And its language will be clearer …» Continue Reading: Plush Toy is Mom’s Assistant

postheadericon Sweet Nicknames and Their Influence on Children


How do you think, my dear readers, do we need to give our little ones sweet nicknames? Like Bunny or a gentle form of the child’s name? Anytime, anywhere, at any age, regardless of gender? They say, gentle names should be rarely used, that they affect boys negatively especially when they get older. So it turns out that the older the child, and if it’s a boy, the less gentle nicknames he needs then? Let’s see.


Every parent believes that his child is special and it’s absolutely all right. But sometimes, willing to emphasize the child’s uniqueness, parents use unimaginable names, and sometimes even invented neologisms the meaning of which can be decrypted only by them. Typically, it’s a …» Continue Reading: Sweet Nicknames and Their Influence on Children

postheadericon Crying Baby – Common Reasons and Soothing Solutions


A crying baby often makes his parents think over the reasons of his worries and solutions to comfort him.


The main reasons for crying are unmet physiological needs – baby wants to eat, to drink, to pee, to poop, to sleep. He wants, but can’t do.   It’s easy to determine hunger or thirst – just give your baby food and water. But what about other needs?   Only boys have difficulties peeing if there is inflammation of the foreskin. You can understand this if your baby’s crying shrilly when urinating every time.   The following actions will help soothe your little one:   1. warm bathing with antiseptic solution (furacilin …» Continue Reading: Crying Baby – Common Reasons and Soothing Solutions

postheadericon Low Hemoglobin Level in Babies and Moms: Ways to Avoid and Increase It


Many people believe that low hemoglobin level is a lack of iron in the body. Before you look for the ways to increase it, I recommend you to check out some theoretical information about nature and properties of hemoglobin.


Hemoglobin is actually a special protein inside of the red blood cells. The main feature of hemoglobin is that it can attach either oxygen or carbon dioxide to itself and thus erythrocytes transport oxygen through the body, move it from the lungs to the tissues or take carbon dioxide form the tissues and bring it to the lungs.


Thus, if there’s low hemoglobin and red blood cells level in the body, the tissues have lack of …» Continue Reading: Low Hemoglobin Level in Babies and Moms: Ways to Avoid and Increase It

postheadericon Finger Song – Fingers Teach to Speak


This finger song will give lots of positive emotions to both you and your baby.


1. First of all, repeat or teach the baby to count to 10. You can count whatever you like: trees in the park, apples in a low tree (for the baby to touch them), cars in the street, and whatever you want while taking a walk; or you can draw numbers from 1 to 10 on each A4 sheet of paper, put them on the floor in a row and jump on them while saying the numbers, etc.


2. Seat the baby on your laps, take his hands and start counting the baby’s fingers and then yours while saying something like …» Continue Reading: Finger Song – Fingers Teach to Speak

postheadericon Jigsaw Puzzle Activities for Infants


Jigsaw puzzles are funny and developmental toys and they often become a great part of a family’s pastime. But now I want to focus on the children under 1 year old and understand how to perform puzzle activities for infants.


The most affordable option is pictures cut in two or three parts: animals, toys, cars, fruits and vegetables. You can use either laminated pictures or of a dense cardboard. The pictures should be of a large size – the younger the child, the bigger the pictures (read about baby’s vision in the article Sensory Development). And here is the first benefit of pictures: the ability to teach …» Continue Reading: Jigsaw Puzzle Activities for Infants

postheadericon Lullaby Songs for Babies: Getting Baby to Sleep


There are lots lullaby songs for babies in every culture all over the world. But why are they so important? How do they affect the development of children’s mind and character?   It turns out that lullaby songs are as crucial for normal baby’s development as gentle mom’s embrace and milk.   The lullaby songs were born long, long ago. Our ancients used lullabies as a universal way to get babies to sleep. A lullaby is a thread from the adult’s world to the children’s one.


When a mom sings lullabies, her child falls asleep …» Continue Reading: Lullaby Songs for Babies: Getting Baby to Sleep

postheadericon Little Bo Peep Activity


Little Bo Peep is a famous rhyme but your baby will learn the song faster and better if you add some learning activities before singing it.


1. Point to yourself and say that you are big Mommy. Point to the baby and say that he is little Johnny (name of your child). Then show the baby big Teddy Bear and say that he is big Teddy. Show the baby a little doll and say that she is little Bo Peep.


2. Take your brush and say to the baby: This is my brush. Take the baby’s cup and say: This is your cup. You can play with the concepts my – your:   -  ask the baby …» Continue Reading: Little Bo Peep Activity