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postheadericon 3 Main Factors Child’s Appetite Depends on


A sick child has no appetite and refuses to eat … This situation though psychologically sad for the relatives is generally understandable. Any adult is aware that it is temporary, that the disease is to blame. Memories from one’s own “painful” experience help to calm down: When I’m as sick, I do not want to eat too.


Completely different thoughts appear in the minds of loving parents when there’s no any sign of an illness and no appetite as well. The uncertainty scares. In fact, loss of appetite is completely physiological, i.e. normal, natural.


In order to understand this, you should know and consider …» Continue Reading: 3 Main Factors Child’s Appetite Depends on

postheadericon When Sick Baby Refuses to Eat: Peculiarities of Child’s Appetite


Sick baby really doesn’t want to eat and denies any food offered by his troubled family. For loss of appetite is a typical manifestation of any acute disease and many chronic ones. This obvious fact needs to be understood.   First, let’s consider the acute illnesses, i.e. those appeared suddenly as well as the majority of child infections and injuries, poisoning, appendicitis, and much more.


Acute infections, usually viral ones, are the most common ones exactly in childhood, and which the child’s body in most cases is able to cope with on his own without any …» Continue Reading: When Sick Baby Refuses to Eat: Peculiarities of Child’s Appetite

postheadericon Learn Why Baby Won’t Eat and What to Do


Moms often complain that their baby won’t eat. In this case it is worth learning the common reasons of child’s unwillingness ot eat and the ways to solve the problem.


What is the main parents’ task? Right! To feel that the child is protected, that he has everything he needs, that he is not worse than the other children, that he eats enough food. Any deviation generates psychological discomfort and the desire to change something. And this desire is very often not the subject to the laws of logic and common sense, but the instinct demands to feed the baby! To feed at any cost! And he sometimes does not want to eat. And that’s unbearable. Because …» Continue Reading: Learn Why Baby Won’t Eat and What to Do

postheadericon Potassium Permanganate – Bathe Your Newborn Correctly


Parents often wonder whether it is worth adding potassium permanganate into the water while bathing the baby or not. Perhaps many of them will be disappointed because it is not worth adding. Why? And what is potassium permanganate added into the water for? In general, mothers have the same answer to this question: When we add potassium permanganate, we thus disinfect the water. That is, the essence potassium permanganate addition is prevention of different infections.


However, no one formulary considers potassium permanganate as a preventive measure. Potassium permanganate is really regarded as a medication that kills bacteria. It is used to gargle, to wash the infected wounds, to rinse as well as for gastric lavage, lubrication ulcer and …» Continue Reading: Potassium Permanganate – Bathe Your Newborn Correctly

postheadericon Wild Animals – Sensory Activity for 0-12 Month Olds


The aim of this activity is to review and learn body parts as well as some wild animals. The game is played in a very simple and funny way. Your little one will surely laugh out loud and giggle.   Of course start playing the game with learning the animals with flashcards or toys. Discuss the animals and their peculiarities: spots, folds, hair, stripes. Don’t play with all the animals at a time if your baby has got tired. Take two ones. This will help your little one learn the animals and activities faster and better.   You can play this game every time you want, it can cheer up your little …» Continue Reading: Wild Animals – Sensory Activity for 0-12 Month Olds

postheadericon 10 Rules of Baby’s Sound Sleep


Baby’s sound sleep is such a sleep when everyone feels good and comfortable – adults and children!   To schedule child’s sleep means to schedule healthy sleep of all family members.   The simplest thing in the above mentioned schedule is to buy a disposable quality diaper that, in fact, is the only friend of baby’s sleep.   Everything else is entirely in your hands. After all, sleep is closely linked to other aspects of lifestyle – nutrition, walks, air conditions, clothing, hygiene procedures, etc. » Continue Reading: 10 Rules of Baby’s Sound Sleep

postheadericon Taking Care of Baby’s Skin within the First Year of Life


With the highest possible probability a young mother will read this article on how to care of baby’s skin so that it stays soft, gentle and healthy. Mom of a child under the first year of age. Happy mother, but terribly exhausted by pregnancy, childbirth, child’s whims, a chronic lack of sleep and tips of relatives. Even very sleepy and very tired woman watches sometimes TV that regularly shows bottoms of two kinds – women’s and children’s. Both types of demonstrated bottoms generate an irresistible desire to have exactly the same ones.


Women’s bottoms are not the subject of our discussion. If you want – go in for sports, keep your diet, fitness, massage – everything depends on …» Continue Reading: Taking Care of Baby’s Skin within the First Year of Life

postheadericon Recommended Baby’s Room Temperature Norms


Many pediatricians recommend that the baby’s room temperature is +18°C – +19°C. But there are also the opponents who assure that this temperature is low, newborns are not accustomed to it, thus it should be higher. So, what to do?


Kids come into our world from a dark enclosed space of the uterus with a temperature of +36,6°C. During the first month of life children like warmth very much!   And it happens that they don’t gain weight when staying in the place with the temperature of +18°C because their bodies spend energy for digestion of eaten food but for keeping warmth.   Therefore baby enjoys such a temperature at which you can be in T-shirts and …» Continue Reading: Recommended Baby’s Room Temperature Norms

postheadericon What Can I Do with Two Eyes – Game for Babies 12 Months


The game What Can I Do with Two Eyes is perfect for repeating or teaching the most important senses of a human: see, hear, touch, smell, taste, feel.

The rhyme is long and the lessons are rich in different activities, so the baby can be tired if you play all them during the first lessons, thus you should divide them into several parts.   Review eyes, ears, hands.   Teach your little one about eyes and see by performing the following activities. Play the game 123 Song. You can also cover baby with a scarf and say: I don’t see you! Then take the scarf away and exclaim: …» Continue Reading: What Can I Do with Two Eyes – Game for Babies 12 Months

postheadericon I Like – I Love – Rhyme for the Smallest Ones


The rhyme I Like – I Love teaches your baby about the difference between the concepts I like and I love.   Before saying the rhyme it is worth performing some pre-activities – these will encourage your baby’s faster learning and understanding the words.   First, start practicing the concept like: use both flashcards of the fruits from the rhyme and real fruits: bananas, apples and plums. Say the names of each fruit and play with the flashcards for a while: jump on them, hide and find them, cut them in two parts and collect them, etc.   If it is possible let the baby try each fruit. Remember to …» Continue Reading: I Like – I Love – Rhyme for the Smallest Ones